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    Video game development can be easy. Start with our Space Asteroid Arcade Shooter course. Each part of the Godot interface is introduced as it's needed. Every line of code is explained.

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    • How to Connect Twitch Chat to Godot - In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to connect Twitch Chat to a Godot project. Luckily there’s an addon in the Godot Asset Library that does the heavy lifting for us. I recommend following this tutorial with a new, empty Godot project. The addon generates scenes to help you make sure it’s working. […]
    • Beginner Godot 2D Platformer - In this Godot 3.3 tutorial we will learn how to make a simple 2D platformer in Godot. Our player character will run and jump around a level and collect coins to increase their score. We will learn how to design a level using TileMaps, how to move a Sprite using code, and how to make […]
    • Introduction to Godot: Getting Started - A few years into my game development journey I stumbled upon Godot. It ticked all the right boxes. Godot is a free, cross-platform, open-source video game engine. It can export to Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and to web. Exporting to consoles is supported through third-party companies. Godot is lightweight. It does not even require […]
    • deploy multiplayer game to linux with the terminal How to Deploy a Godot Multiplayer Dedicated Server to a VPS - In this tutorial, we will go over how to get a Godot dedicated server up and running on a virtual private server (VPS) running Ubuntu Linux. This tutorial assumes you already have a VPS with Ubuntu running. There are many companies that allow you to rent VPS’ for very cheap and some even free. First […]
    • Godot Destruction: How to Create a Destructible Environment in Godot - Today we're going we are going to install and learn how to use the Destruction plugin by Jummit. This tutorial will be divided into two parts. The first part covers how to easily create a destructible object in Blender. The second part covers how to install and use the Destruction plugin in Godot. For the […]
    • An Undefeatable Tic Tac Toe AI – Minimax Algorithm in GDScript - Getting Back Into Gamedev I recently decided to get back into video game development and wanted to ease myself back into it with a project I knew wouldn't present too much of a challenge. I had been getting into board games recently, specifically Catan, Pandemic, and Go. I figured that would be a good lane […]
    • Affinity Photo: The Best Image Editing Software You’ve Never Heard Of - So I’ve recently been in need of a new logo for the channel. Before I’ve just been using the websites name, CodingKaiju with this stylized font. And while I was pretty happy with how it looked, I always intended it to eventually be replaced with a proper logo. As a game developer and web developer, […]
    • Screen Shake in Godot: The Best Way - Screen shake is a visual effect where the camera shakes, sometimes violently, to create a feeling of impact or chaos. Unless your game is intended to be relaxing, it would probably benefit from some precisely-tuned screen shake. Screen shake is one of the core pillars of "game juice". "Game juice" refers to all the little […]
    • The Best Godot Settings for Pixel Art - A Brief History of Computer Graphics Back in the 1980’s, computers were first entering the mainstream. They were finally small enough and cheap enough for consumers to purchase and bring into their homes. A popular home computer was the Commodore 64. And a popular video game console was the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). These machines […]
    • Why Did Valve Make Half Life: Alyx a VR Exclusive? - The announcement of Half Life: Alyx was met with mixed reactions. Fans of the Half Life series had been waiting since 2007, when Half Life 2: Episode 2 was released for a new Half Life game. Whenever Valve says they have an announcement, the hype begins building for the elusive Half Life 3 announcement. It […]


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    "One hell of a tutorial. I have some brief shavings with programming and dealing with Unity, but nothing solid or much that I remember; so this was pretty fresh for me and also an introduction to Godot for me." Read more

    December 25, 2020by Tresceneti

    "Great tutorial and videos. I’ve learnt so many things and tricks. First time, I feel confident and ready to do something on my own after following a tutorial. Thank you." Read more

    May 5, 2020by Yo1

    "This is definitely the best beginner tutorial for Godot I have found. It is very well written and covers the complete end-to-end process of writing a fully functioning game." Read more

    September 10, 2020by Ian

    "Thank you for this fantastic tutorial. I’ve been a professional developer for going on 24 years, but I’m brand new to game development. I find articles and blog posts much more useful than videos, so this tutorial was exactly what I was looking for. Bravo for creating such a great resource" Read more

    October 4, 2020by Ahrtu

    Why Choose the Godot Engine?

    The Godot Engine is a cross-platform open-source video game engine, released under the MIT license. This means that users who create their games with Godot, own their games outright; no strings attached, no royalty fees. This makes Godot the ideal video game engine for hobbyists, tinkerers, and indie-dev companies. Other "free" game engines like Unity or Unreal require you to pay if your game becomes successful. With Godot, your game is your game.

    The Godot Engine is still very young, at least compared to the more popular game engines out there. But development of it is very active; the developers of Godot release multiple polished updates every year. We expect the Godot Engine to grow rapidly in the years to come and we're excited to see what games you will make with it.

    If you haven't already, download the Godot Engine and let's make some games.

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